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Technology as A Tool, not THE tool October 9, 2007

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With all of the technology available to us today and the BLING BLING associated with the use of technology, I get the feeling that some people think that the classroom should focus around technology and that students will always learn better when technology is involved.  On the other extreme, I see educators who believe that technology gets in the way of “real learning” that could take place in the classroom and that computers and technology take valuable time away from the learning objectives. 

I believe that when educators are pondering the integration of a specific technology in their classes, they should ask themselves, “How is the use of this technology going to enhance student learning?  Could the students learn the same thing just as effectively with other resources such as a pen and paper, clay, or building block?” If the use of technology is not going to enhance learning, why bother? Also, technology is a tool that can be used in the classroom, but it is not the only tool.  If we use technology like we would any other resource in our classroom, the integration of technology is likely to be more authentic and useful to the learning process.