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Blogging Tools December 4, 2007

Posted by ashleyquark in Tech Tools.
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Blogging can be a very useful tool in the classroom and has a wide array of uses.  It could be used as a classroom website to post daily homework or document daily classroom happenings. As well, blogging is an easy way for students to take an active role as producers and consumers of media online. Here are some of the most popular blogging sites used in schools:

Class Blogmeister – Check out Mrs. Cassidy’s Blogmeister site as an examples.  Her grade 1/2 students’ blogs are listed along the right side.
Pros: When you create an account with Class Blogmeister, you get a main classroom blog page as well as individual blog pages for each of your students.  You can adjust the settings so that you can moderate every post your students make which allows teachers to check for appropriate content before the blog post is on the internet for everyone in the world to see!
Cons: You can’t simply create a Class Blogmeister site right now and start browsing the site to figure out all its inner workings.  To create a Class Blogmeister account, you must first email the site creator, David Warlick, and he will send you a School Pass Code. From what I’ve heard, David returns emails very quickly and it might be only a day until your Class Blogmeister page is up and running!

Pros: As you may have noticed, this site is a blog throught WordPress.com.  There are numerous fun and professional looking designs to choose from. When you set up a WordPress blog, you get 1 blog page you can regularly write posts (see my Musings page) and then you can make several pages with “fixed content” such as this one. This would really work well for a classroom website as the teacher could post the daily homework or activities on the blog page and then have other information such as a Class Profile, School Schedule, or handouts on the other pages for students and parents to refer to.
Cons: Students do not have their own pages attached to the teacher’s wordpress account.  If you want students to have their own blogs, they will have to create their own account and therefore the teacher is not able to moderate their posts.

Pros and Cons: From my experience, there isn’t anything particularly good or bad about blogger.  It doesn’t create student pages under the teacher’s account like Class Blogmeister and it doesn’t allow you to have multiple pages like WordPress.  It works fine and I have used it in my classroom to have students blog, but I probably wouldn’t use it again.

I haven’t use EduBlogs before so I don’t really have any review of this. I’ll try it out soon and let you know.


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