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Cyberbullying Ads December 4, 2007

Posted by ashleyquark in cyberbullying.
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The following ads have recently been put out by the Ad Council in an attempt to prevent cyberbullying and give children and adolescents a different view on what they are doing when they insult someone online. These ads are definitely attention-grabbers and they may make some students think twice about what they are doing when they cyberbullying.  It seems that through these types of ads, advistisers are trying to teach students empathy as a means to prevent cyberbullying.  However, in the research I have done for my master’s thesis, I have come to see that such interventions are circumventing the root of the problem.  Participants in my study were cyberbullied through the use of social markers such as race, gender, and sexual orientation.  To me, this indicates that teaching students empathy is not enough.  Discussions need to be taking place in classrooms about systems of power and privilege.  As an educator, I realize that this seems like a daunting task.  It is not a “quick fix” by any stretch of the imagination.  But I think if teacher education programs, school administrators, teachers, and counselors start viewing bullying, cyberbullying, and other types of violence from this perspective, we may be able to begin to address the inequities in our world from which such violence stems.

Check out the videos and see what you think.


1. Sara Schoepke - December 6, 2007

These ads are very powerful and speak volumes. I have shared them with other teachers, parents, and counselors to share. It is an important message – sad, but we need to start the conversation at such a young age.

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