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Blogging: 21classes.com December 6, 2007

Posted by ashleyquark in Tech Tools.
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A huge barrier that I have seen among teachers trying to start their classes blogging is gathering and then entering student email addresses.  For example, when I taught grade 8 language arts at the American Schools of Kuwait, I had about 120 students blogging using Blogger.com.  In order to have them join my blog, I had to gather all 120 students email addresses, type them all into Blogger, and then invite all my students to join.  This was a pain. At least I had my students blogging all year so the work I did at the beginning of the year paid off. However, one of my friends recently told me about a site that does not require teachers to know students’ email addresses for them to join the blog, but the teacher can still make the blog a closed community.  This site is www.21classes.com. It is possible that Class Blogmeister or others allow teachers to do this as well, but my friend, Brenda, who is using this site with her high school students found it to be very easy to set up. Check it out.


1. Nadine N - December 6, 2007

Found your blog on classblogmeister member group. I am a huge fan of Classblogmeister and have used show many teachers how to use it. I find it easy and no student emails are needed since it was designed to be a tool for elementary school children. David Warlick provides awesome tech support and is very responsive to feature requests. The Yahoo user group is one of the best reasons to use CB.

That being said, I just signed a class up for 21classes.com. I like the clean and simple layout. The class I signed up are a group of middle schoolers who want to develop a school newspaper. Their teacher/coordinator likes the online component because news articles can always be current. I also like 21classes because nowhere on the portal is the term “BLOG” – which might freak people out as our community is very unfamiliar with web 2.0 applications in education.

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